Alignment of donor interventions

Donor and development organizations intervene both directly and indirectly in the seed sector. To ensure the efficacy of their contributions to the transformation of the seed sector, the various development partners, donors and their projects should seek and target to operate in alignment. The National Seed Road Map provides a framework for seeking and promoting such alignment.

Direct efforts target systemic aspects of seed sector development; indirect efforts address particularly the demand, production, marketing and dissemination of quality seed for strengthening specific crop value chains in focus states, and/or support the development of agribusiness and private sectors.

Topic vision

Within two years, specific sessions of the ADWG address seed sector development in which the group seeks alignment and coordination of their interventions with the aim to contribute to the development of the seed sector and place these within the larger framework of the NSRM.

Strategic innovation pathway (SIP)

This pathway is presented in the NSRM. The pathway is essentially an agreed set of steps which see partners collaborate and progress the sector from its current status and challenges, through a process of catalytic innovation towards the stated topic ambition(s):

  • Assess and map donor activities directly and indirectly impacting the seed sector within the framework of the National Seed Road Map.
  • Engage with the ADWG group to develop and operationalize a mechanism for coordination and alignment among development partners on seed sector issues, and to contribute to the National Seed Road Map; collaborate with FMARD, state ministries of agriculture and other relevant seed sector stakeholders in this effort.
  • Regularly monitor and document the impact of both individual and accumulated interventions contributing to the implementation of the National Seed Road Map; share impact and lessons learned with the ADWG and primary seed sector stakeholders; and provide inputs for a continued alignment and scoping of modalities to achieve other ambitions.