The Collaborative Seed Programme (CSP) brings together Nigerian and Dutch seed sector stakeholders in order to enhance the performance of the Nigerian seed sector. The four-year programme contributes to the vision of the National Seed Road Map (NSRM). The vision of the NSRM sees the seed sector being more competitive, resilient, profitable, innovative and adaptive, sustainable, inclusive, resistant and transparent.

The programme aims to contribute to improved sustainable income, food and nutrition security of rural households in Nigeria, by improving farmers’ access to and use of quality seed of improved varieties. 

8 CSP Topics
To achieve its vision, the National Seed Road Map outlines 22 Strategic Innovation Pathways (SIPs), detailing each with ambitions and steps. The CSP contributes to the implementation of eight selected SIPs. These selected SIPs shape what are referred  to as CSP Topics:

Seed Sector transformation
In focusing on the NSRM, the programme adopts a systemic approach for sustainably addressing key challenges in the seed sector. Beyond strengthening the seed sector, CSP contributes to Nigeria’s capacity in fostering the development of the agricultural sector, enhancing food and nutrition security, while also addressing major challenges in the climate crisis.

Start-up phase
The programme is now in a start-up phase, during which the institutional and contractual arrangements, including the recruitment of staff, is underway. At the programme level, a management and steering structure is being established. A study constituting the baseline to the CSP is forthcoming.

The programme and topic teams will engage in planning workshops focusing on familiarization with the CSP and the respective topics. The workshop facilitates agreement on modes of working, overall topic plan and priority start-up activities. Teams will share initial plans with the steering committee for adaptation, alignment and confirmation.

CSP embedding within the Nigeria-Netherlands Seed Partnership
CSP is a four-year Programme financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abuja; it is embedded within the Nigeria-Netherlands Seed Partnership (NNSP). CSP and the NNSP operate under the umbrella of the SeedNL, a partnership of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Plantum, the Seed Trade Association of the Netherlands. The objective of SeedNL is to strengthen the seed sector in developing countries and emerging markets to increase crop productivity and thereby enhance farmers’ income and improve access to safe and healthy food.