National Seed Road Map

The National Seed Road Map (NSRM) is a strategic policy document that guides stakeholders in the seed sector of Nigeria to work towards an increase in farmers’ access to and use of quality seed of improved varieties. The document is a critical input to the development of major agricultural policies of the government, while it can also guide the government, stakeholders and development partners in exploring and agreeing on ways to foster the development of the sector in a coordinated, aligned and structured fashion.

The NSRM includes a vision, describes current achievements and challenges, and outlines ambitions and strategic innovation pathways contributing to the realization of those ambitions. The NSRM document is structured by three primary questions on seed sector performance:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to go?
  3. How will we get there?

The NSRM is the result of a participatory and iterative process referred to as a seed sector review or assessment. A team of international and Nigerian consultants, further referred to as ‘the consultancy team’ implemented the assessment. The review included a desk study, focus group discussions (FDGs) and a multi-stakeholder workshop.

Both Nigerian and international experts were consulted during several steps of the process. Moreover, critical development partners of the Federal Government of Nigeria (e.g. donors and international development organizations) contributed to the NSRM formulation.

Download and read the NSRM here

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